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FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary wholly owned by FAW Group, which is a large auto casting manufacture company. FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. (abbreviate to FAWFC) was the foundry workshop of The First Automobile Manufacture Plant, and the headquarters is located in Changchun Jilin P.R. China. FAWFC was built together with FAW since 1953 to 1956. It supplied fine castings for the first Jiefang Truck. FAWFC was established on Mar. 12th, 1999. After more than 60 years development, FAWFC has become one of the biggest auto casting manufacture bases in China.FAWFC has 7 branches, 1 subsidiary, 2 share companies. They are First Foundry Plant, Second Foundry Plant, Special Foundry Plant, Non-ferrous Foundry, Foundry Die and Equipment Plant, New Die Ca......